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To  “Maintain A Platform Where Women Are Empowered To Spring FORWARD In His Plan”

The "Up-Building of the Kingdom of God" through prayerful:

  • Training credentialed and non-credentialed women through guided instruction, cultivated inclusive fellowship, and leadership development

  • Motivating growth and empowerment through open doors to expound on a jurisdictional level and bringing freshness to the table

  • Vitalizing the women's ministries (boards, auxiliaries/bands, units, circles) and using evangelism/witnessing outside of home​



The structure of the WSJW follows the structure of the IDOW by integrating timeless deference to our predecessors and holding a firm commitment to uphold the values, legacy, and biblical principles of Holiness.

  • This page is accessed by a code provided by the Sr. Executive Administrator.  There are many Documents and Forms used by the Women of the Jurisdiction and available to WSJ Prelate and Superintendents.

  • Please email to receive your personally assigned code for easy access to this page.

  • After receiving the code (which is changed often, therefore if yours ceases to be usable, just request another), please click the ROUND BUTTON below and you will have immediate access. 

  • This page is accessible to the public

  • The Documents and Forms on this page are ALL specifically for Washington State Jurisdictional Women and use by others is not encouraged.  

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