Items of importance as you prepare for your Annual District Meeting (Women’s Day) or other dates to invite the Jurisdictional Supervisor:

The most efficient method of sending invitations, notices, etc. is through email or through the USPS mail at –

Department of Women

P.O. Box 69795

SeaTac, Washington 98188

If you desire to email, do so at  The Sr. Executive Administrator will then coordinate with the Supervisor’s Personal Staff and secure the date/time/location and any other information need.

  1. It is never proper to call or text the Supervisor, the Sr. Executive Administrator, the Executive Secretary, or the Supervisor’s Personal Staff for official invitations or scheduling appointments.  It is important to have a “paper trail” – something that can be looked back on for verification.

  2. Use the TEMPLATE the follows of the Letter of Invitation for you to use.  Letters of invitation to attend a District Meeting should always be by formal letter and include in some order –

    1. Dates of District Meeting and time

    2. Theme of the District Meeting

    3. Preferred date for her to be your guest

    4. Name/Number of District

    5. Name of District Superintendent

    6. Full address of the District Meeting location


Remember that this is your Supervisor’s opportunity to review the work of your District Women’s Department so an invitation to attend and give Greetings is always welcomed.  She will desire to take this opportunity to watch, listen, and observe the giftedness within your District Department of Women.  This is her opportunity to let the women in your district know that she cares enough to be there for them!  This is her opportunity to support you as the district Missionary.  This is her opportunity to note talents that may be useful for our Jurisdiction - and she can do that best by not being the main speaker or being "on."  We hope that in the seasons of District Meetings and at all other times that you, as a District Missionary, will desire to inform, invite, or schedule an appointment with a jurisdictional official, that this information assists you and gives you the clarity and information that you need.  



_______________________________ (DATE)


Office of the Supervisor (MAILING ADDRESS)

Department of Women

P.O. Box 69795

SeaTac, Washington 98188

(EMAILING ADDRESS for invitations to attend)


Dear Supervisor,

During the week of ______________________ (dates) ___________________________ (District name/number) will be holding our Annual District Meeting Services. 

As the District Missionary of this District, I take this opportunity to invite you to attend our Annual District Meeting.  Our District would be especially honored if you would attend on the evening of ______________________ (date) which is our Women’s Day when I, the District Missionary, will bring the Word of God.

The Women’s Day Theme is ________________________________ and the service will begin promptly every night at ___________________________________ (time), at the ____________________________________________________________ (name of church), located at _______________________________________________________________________ (full address). 

We truly appreciate your support and look forward to your fellowship as you observe the women of our District as they go forward in the Lord.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at __________________.