DEPARTMENT INFORMATION                             Office of the WSJWomen's Department

Sr. Executive Administrator       

(Supervisors Calendar Scheduling)                       Evangelist Lillian Washington

Phone extension 1



Executive Secretary                                               Lady DraVonne Jones

Phone extension 2

Jurisdictional Supervisor                                         Mother Gwendolyn Lawson Townsend

Phone extension 3



Executive Marketing/PR Coordinator                     Evangelist Joi Taylor

Phone extension 4

Executive Finance Secretary                                Lady Tralayne Davis

Phone extension 5



Education, Training, Preparation Director              District Missionary Katherine Boyd

Phone extension 6


(WJC) Convention/Meetings Director                   Evangelist Darcel Carter

Phone extension 7

WSJW History Coordinator                                   Lady MaryAnn Darby         

Phone extension 8



Supervisor's Armor Bearer                                 Evangelist Jacqualine Boles

All Engagements Attendant

(please, contact the Sr. Executive Administrator

for supervisor's scheduling)          

Phone extension 9