Other Supervisor Positions

Jurisdictional Supervisor - Foreign

In addition to the spiritual guidelines and leadership strengths listed for the Domestic Supervisor, the Foreign Supervisor must further embrace the culture, the mores and the norms of the foreign work, and her country in particular.  Cultural sensitivity is necessary to avoid any breach of protocols that will bring reproach, damage the reputation, or lessen the influence of the church in that country. Attention must be given to the following: (a) the laws required to establish and register a church for the purpose of ministry; (b)the  dress codes(what is worn or not worn); (c) the importance of covering and what is considered taboo; (d) food eaten or forbidden customs; (e) worship, dance, infilling, (f) fasting and prayer; and (g) male dominance.  There are also ministry guidelines which she follows.

Jurisdictional Supervisor Without Charge

The Jurisdictional Supervisor Without Charge is one who has served (10 years or less) but is not currently serving due to geographic relocation, physical incapacity, or some other specific reasons.  She is supportive of the Jurisdictional Bishop and Jurisdictional Supervisor in the Jurisdiction where she is located.  She will be given her assigned duties and responsibilities by her Jurisdictional Supervisor, which includes area of work as well as her financial responsibilities.  Her privileges as well as seating arrangements and place of honor will be left to the discretion of the Jurisdictional Supervisor.